Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

Today we took a nap, skyped both Max's grandparents, made some rice for lunch, and went to the park to see all the festivities. we went looking for friends in our Ward but we could not find anyone so we just walked around. came home before the fireworks (knowing they would be super loud for Max) and sat on our little porch in our Canadian chairs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Sunday June 28th Krista, jorgen and Corbin flew with Max and I to Chicago, our new home. we had so much fun playing games and hanging out in our small apartment. we were sad to see them leave us the next day, and that was my first experience driving and having to pay on a toll road in Chicago. it was quite an adventure, even though it was stressful with some crazy drivers out there, oh and having no sense of direction. I am so grateful for GPS and technology.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daddy Dallin

After two very long weeks without Dallin and me having surgery on Wednesday. Randy Miller, a very generous Co-worker and friend used his flyer points and bought Dallin a round trip ticket to visit us in Provo for the weekend.

We were so grateful for this priceless time we got to spend together as a little family. Even though Dallin has two huge tests tomorrow we were so happy he was with us. Worth every minute. One more week apart and Max and I will be on or way to Illinois. We are hoping to leave next Sunday, June 29th.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

post pregnancy

After the craziness of the after birth we have been worried about placenta and tissue in my uterus from the ultra sounds. we just found out that there is more inside me and I'm in the waiting room now getting ready for a D&C _ 2:00 pm June 18, 2014

4 hours later, they found some sack and a small piece of placenta still in my uterus. I am on the mend, but cannot nurse my baby for 24 hours, having to pump and just throw the liquid gold in the garbage. The worst news though is that I cannot fly out to my husband for another week. tear. Also, my stitches are doing alright but I need to have surgery again in 6 weeks to get them repaired. plus,(no sex for 12 weeks) sorry lover.

oh I have been through the ringer. what a crazy nightmare that I wouldn't wish on anyone.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Max and I are getting ready to travel to daddy Dallin. My aunt Krista has helped us get a flight to Illinois and she will be flying with us this Saturday!

I put together a large box of items and sent it to IL so we didn't have to pack it all with us. I had no clue we had so much stuff to send until we weighed the box. 56lbs later we had way too much stuff.

Today Max had his two week apt. which is technically his 3 week apt. because tomorrow it his 3 week old. he weighs 9.3lbs and is 23 inches long.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 1

Maxwell and I have been living the life of ground hogs day. We take naps all day and all night on and off, eat, poop, pee, Skype daddy, do the grandma burp dance and swing in the back yard. We are living the life of a growing baby.

Words cannot express how much we love our little Maxwell. Granted it has been a hardship getting used to the schedule of a newborn, but well worth it.

Maxwell Aiden Davies

Tuesday May 27th I woke up at 3:20 with contractions, they were non stop all day each ten minutes apart. Towards 10 pm contractions were 1/2 hour apart but way more intense and at 11:30 ish my water broke and we frantically got some last minute items and raced to American Fork Hospital.
We went as fast as we could to the front desk, registered and they sent us up to the third floor and after 6 more contractions I was given an epidural (my friend). As the pain got less and less I was a happy girl.

May 28th, at 2:05am we were ready to push, after 40 minutes at 2:45am Dallin was able to catch or little one and place him on my tummy. We are so grateful we have our beautiful 9lbs & 21 inch long baby boy Maxwell Aiden Davies!

Immediately after Maxwell arrived we knew something was wrong, I was loosing too much blood. Jen, our midwife had to manually remove everything inside me quickly to see the further problem. She found lots of tearing as she very calmly and sutured me up. As she was finding more and more tares she called in Dr Young, and for the following 2 hours he was stitching me up. I'm so grateful the epidural was on board... that could have been a nightmare.

Because I lost so much blood and was really light headed they were giving me tons of fluids (Dallin was saying it was about 2 gallons of fluids put into me in that 2 hour time period) and one unit of blood making my hands and feet swollen and puffy. The rest of the day I was drugged with pain relievers and trying to recover.

May 29th I am doing well, feeding in the night went really well and I was able to get some sleep. 5am this morning they tested my blood and I was at a crit of 19 which is super low so I was given 2 more units of blood.

We have had several loving visitors come and see us in the hospital. It has been so fun to see our little Max in everyone's arms.

THE AFTERMATH has been a roller coaster. Dallin left us on June 2nd to start orientation for PA school in Downers Grove IL. Which was a hard-tender-sad-happy-emotional-day. The whole day I could not help but think that Dallin would not get to hold me and our little Max for 3 or 4 weeks. Rough day packing and getting ready the Uhaul so Dallin could drive the 24 hours to Illinois. I am so grateful a few days earlier Dallin asked his dad to make the trip with him, which he graciously agreed to. Making the trip a lot easier being able to switch off driving and have some company on the long windy road.

The birth was very eventful, but hard on my body. The first few days were really rough even getting out of bed to go to the bathroom because of the pain and getting so light headed when I stood being so anemic.

I went into the clinic yesterday, June 11th to get an ultra sound to see if I need a DNC but fortunately it is looking like I do not need one. OH happy day.

Even through all of this craziness, I am so grateful for our little Maxwell. He is such a joy in our lives. We love him so much!!
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Father & Son

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